untitled sound effects generator.

High quality sound effect creation for games, applications, and more

[untitled sound effects generator] makes creating inspiring and unique sound effects for independent video games, applications, and more fast and easy. Shuffle through procedurally-generated audio effects at the press of a button, rendering virtually unlimited sonic possibilities from a library of over 200+ professionally hand-crafted samples. Development on hold.

This is a project that still has some legs and some cool ideas that haven't been implemented yet but I haven't touched it for a while. My friend who does some sound design approached me with the idea of a tool that would be simple enough for a small team or solo developer to generate decent sound effects without any audio skills or knowledge. The wall I hit with this one was in my own understanding of DSP and I basically needed to take a long break to learn a lot of things in order to get it to do what we wanted it to do. I was finishing my CS degree at the time so it never really happened but as I return to studying DSP I think this will be a great project to try out implementing things that I learn as I go.

Source code on Github