nitevipr mach2.

Prototype Arcade Stick Drum Sampler and Sequencer

From the next evolution in joystick-based rhythm sequencing technology comes the NiteVipr Mach2, a self-contained sample-based drum machine based around the ultra-accessible and fast live pattern performance scheme first pioneered with the MIDIchamp DrumStik 3D. Save and load samples, sequences, and presets from your microSD card, manipulate using on-board effects, and perform and sequence with tactile high-quality arcade parts in ways never previously possible in a drum machine. No longer in active development.

Another device that uses a joystick-based control scheme similar to the midichamp ds3d. This is more of a proof of concept that I want to come back to, I stopped actively working on it due to some limitations with data bandwidth from an SD card and streaming samples off of it, audio samples must be converted to headers and loaded into memory in order to have polyphony of more than a couple sounds at a time. When I get back to it the plan would be to make and flesh out the device as a desktop app first controlled by a regular computer keyboard, then translate to microcontroller and hardware later.