my music.

selected music projects.

freeware - A new and upcoming project combining metal, electronics, and societal collapse. 2022 to present.

kara's walk home - Emo and indie rock band since 2014, now on hiatus as of 2022.

tea leaf - My attempt at political dance music from 2018 to 2020. Lots unreleased from this but will probably stay that way.

cyclops rock - AKA Cyclops Sounds. My first and longest-running music project, 2010 through 2017.

recent production credits.

Ressentiment (Meishi Smile) - I've been mixing stuff for my good friend Meishi Smile since 2014 and this record to me is one of the best-sounding I've ever done IMO. At least until the next one ;)

melencolia i (Meishi Smile) - A more recent EP representing more of the pop and ambient side of Meishi, some of these songs have been kicking around for almost a decade so it was an honor to work on the "album" versions of them.

HYPERPUNK (Qbomb) - I worked with Qbomb for several years on their demos and recording about 95% of this record before they were signed to Ghost Pixel Records and the project was handed off to another producer in the summer of 2021 to polish up and finish. The record finally came out in October 2022 and I couldn't be prouder of these guys!

Additional credits can be found on my business site, allmusic, and discogs.