This is a collection of notes about each type of bonsai tree I own and guides for care collected from various sources. I have always had an appreciation of bonsai and Japanese gardening, but these became a more serious interest sometime in 2019 and I acquired my first tree in early 2020. I remain a beginner, especially not having any outdoor space to utilize for the hobby until 2022, but I'm excited to grow more now without the limitation.

general pruning and wiring tips.

general fertilizer tips.

when something goes wrong.

chinese elm ("elmer").

Chinese Elm 2023-03-23

Photo: Mar 2023

cork bark chinese elm.

Corkbark 2023-03-23

Photo: Mar 2023

japanese beautyberry (callicarpa japonica).

Beautyberry 2023-03-23

Photo: Mar 2023

bonsai wishlist:

watering guide for bonsai-sitters: