"All art is a proxy for something else. And I feel that bonsai, if not overtly figural, is at least a proxy for our hopes of the future, as a post-dated love letter."

— Michael Hagedorn

This is a collection of notes about each type of bonsai tree I own and guides for care collected from various sources. I have always had an appreciation of bonsai and Japanese gardening, but these became a more serious interest sometime in 2019 and I acquired my first tree in early 2020. I remain a beginner, especially not having any outdoor space to utilize for the hobby until 2022, but I'm excited to grow more now without the limitation.

In 2024 I joined my local bonsai club and am learning at a much more rapid pace than I was before, and now that I've internalized more of the basics I am restructuring this page to include less general information and more notes about my specific trees as I learn them.

bonsai in training.

chinese elm ("elmer")

Chinese Elm 2023-03-23

Photo: Mar 2023

chinese elm (split-trunk)

Corkbark 2023-03-23

Photo: Mar 2023

japanese beautyberry (callicarpa japonica)

Beautyberry 2023-03-23

Photo: Mar 2023

Pelargonium and Honeysuckle 2024-05-27

Photo: May 2024



pre-bonsai material.

Pre-bonsai 2024-05-27

Photo: May 2024



tree mallow cuttings

yellow mallow

other notes.

bonsai wishlist:

watering guide for bonsai-sitters: