Biking provides low-impact cardio exercise for someone like me who hates running. I also seem to do some of my best creative thinking when I’m biking so it's something I try and remember when debating whether go exercise or not.

I went with a fixed gear Windsor The Hour which I picked up secondhand on OfferUp. I chose this bike due to its affordability, chromoly frame, hand brake and bull horns installed by the previous owner, and the fact that my bandmate rode this exact model from his apartment in Glendale to his job in Burbank and back every day for two years when he first moved to LA which is a borderline crazy thing to do but I love the idea of it. I also was on the hunt for a bike in Sept 2021 during which, much like cars, the US was experiencing a bike shortage and similarly modest options were often costing 3x - 5x what I paid even secondhand. I ditched the toe clips and installed those bright orange pedals and straps.

Bikes Direct Windsor The Hour